The stunner behind Debonair

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the stunner behind Debonair, an online women's swimwear and resortwear boutique. An England native with Caribbean roots, Chelsea looks just like the dazzling mermaid of that fairytale you've been recounting to your kid or your niece, if not more beautiful! I tell her I find her super pretty as soon as I realise that despite her being in flats and me being in heels, she's still towering over me.

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We order a glass of white and some nibbles and I start firing questions, spontaneous ones (not premaditated questions) because I'm curious and intrigued. Chelsea tells me how she originally set up Debonair whilst living and working in the Cayman Islands. “After having my daughter I started to wonder what was next. I wanted to come up with a fashionable swimwear line that was bold, accessible and affordable; swimwear which makes women feel happy, confident and comfortable.'' And so she did! Today, Debonair is a successful story of women's swimwear boutique providing unique beach and vacation-wear (yeps, you should really have a look at the bikinis, bathing suits, beach bags, sunglasses and cover-ups but more on that later).

Two hours after our meeting started and we're still chatting away like it's just been 5 minutes. It feels like she gets what makes me happy and what I like in terms of style instantly. In turn, I gather she's a hard-working girl, who seeks to chase her dreams but who first and foremost is madly in love with (and loyal to) her family. Unlike a few entrepreneurs I've got to meet, she continuosly asks me questions, interested in getting to know what motivates me and what makes me happy and I tell her how I respect her even more for that. She nods and smiles. Another glass of wine later we decide it would be wise for us to head home given that the day after is going to be a long day for both. I tell her we should meet up again soon and with that I make my way to the car, happy to have met an inspiring person.

The day after my meeting with Chelsea, I went back to check out Debonair's online store once again and came across this interesting read titled ''Here's what your swimwear says about you'', listing a number of swimwear options. I have to be 'The patterned bikini' kinda chic, who's described as the boho, retro babe who loves bright, vibrant colours and interesting patterns and shapes (yes, yes, yes) and who's not afraid to stand out and give people something to stare at (I'd like to think I'm that too ;))

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- We are a bold, must-have fashion retailer providing the trendiest, 

unique beach, pool, boat and vacation-wear pieces.- 

I have my eyes on some pieces already so I'll probably be back with another post soon. Should you like to check out Debonair's collection, you can do so here.

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