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Each time I feature my favourite granola bar in photos, or mention how I’d be looking forward to my long walk in the evening, I’m always impressed by how many of you are into healthy eating and lifestyles.  This is one of the reasons (other reason here; need to try and become a better, mindful eater) why I felt I needed to introduce you to Nude Juices who are all about clean and genuine ingredients and cleanse programs that help nourish our body.

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- The concept behind Nude is based on the simple belief that our daily energy

should come from a genuine source that is nourishing to the body and earth. -

The minute Nude Juices got my attention for the first time whilst in a cafe, I contacted Karla - the founder behind this concept - to give me some more information. She explained to me how - as a general rule - they always go for organic produce because they believe that it is a more natural process of farming, thus more nourishing to the body and to the earth.

Since, as I said, I'm trying to become more health conscious, for my own sake, I went ahead and tried 3 out of a wide selection of juices; Tropical Bliss (my favourite out of all 3), Green Haven and Finest Roots. Tropical Bliss is a zesty, spicy but sweet blend of mango, kiwi and lemon whose benefits are aimed at enhancing the brain, bone and skin health. Green Haven is also an interesting one; benefits include radiating skin and dealing with lower blood pressure.

Will I be including these fresh, in-the-raw, yummy juices to my daily routine? YES! And if you want to see more pictures or need more information, please do drop me a line! ;)

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- The people behind Nude Juices are all about honouring the flavours and healing force of raw vegetables,

fruit, nuts, herbs and roots that provide true wellness. -

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