What's in my make up bag?

I'm sure that there are a lot of you who are familiar with those "What's in my bag?" videos on you tube (if not, that's something you might be interested in so maybe check some out?). Since my hand bag now contains a new cosmetics bag which I got recently, I decided I'd just let you have a peek at the contents of my make-up bag. Bear in my mind that I carry out this with me everywhere daily, so it only contains the minimum of products :P

IMG 1146


- Max Factor mascara, because I can never leave the house without my two coats of mascara these days.

- Black Rimmel eyeliner which happens to be one of the best eyeliners I've ever come across. The pencil sharpener doesn't feature in the photo; found it lying at the bottom of my hand bag just this morning.

- Rimmel eye shadow quad, just because I love some nude on me eyes for that daily, natural look ;) I'm particular fond of the peachy shade in this quad, goes well with my every outfit and mood! :P

- PUPA eye shadow duo, which may not be suitable for your usual day at the office but which I started carrying everywhere with me the day I fell in love with the yellow shade. I apply just the tiniest of product in my inner corners, right underneath the eye - kind of brightens my eyes and completes the look if you know what I mean.

- Bronzer. During the week, you'll rarely find me wearing any foundation, highlighter or concealer. I'm lucky in that I can somehow do without applying any foundation, instead I usually just go for some bronzer; the one in the picture being Catrice.

- NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder - this duo is the to-go compact to fill in and define my eyebrows, it simply works wonders for me without me having to struggle and waste time to shape and define my brows.

- Sleek Blusher Trio. Ok, so I'm the proud owner of this Blush by 3 palette, whose blushes come in a mix of matte and shimmer. The blushes blend like a miracle and their soft texture was all I needed to convince me into buying another of these palettes (but I'll get to speak to you about that some other time)

- Lip gloss by Make up Factory because if mascara is essential, lip glosses are an absolute necessity. 

- Dior lippie. This is in my daily make up bag not because I use it daily, but its lush packaging makes me happy so I love to open my bag to find it there, staring right back at me :) Usually, you'd find that the lippie of the day would be lying somewhere in my handbag rather than my make up bag, depending on the one I would have gone for in the morning. Meaning that by the end of the week, I'd be carrying some 7 to 8 lipsticks!! No wonder it takes me ages to locate something in my crowded handbag!!

IMG 1151

And that, my lovelies, is what's in my make up bag! What about you, feel like telling me what's in yours?! I'm kind of the curious type, so I'd love to know :D

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