Those were the days

After I finish my cappuccino, I reach out for my bag to re-apply a layer of lip gloss before heading back to work. A group of students can be heard going on about how they spent their Saturday night and I can't but go some 10 years back in time...



..when I used to spend all my pocket money and the little I earned from my part-time job on weekend outfits, when I was a natural at chatting up guys whilst drinking shooters at the bar, when I used to return home smelling of vodka and red bull and tell my mum that I wasn't hung-over but just tired of all the dancing. Those were the days of brown lipstick and glitters, cheap wine and slices of pizza to consume way too much alcohol after a heavy night, mini-skirts and big hair, Shaggy's 'It wasn't me' and (God forgive me for I have sinned) fishnet tights! The nights of silly chat-up lines; the ones that started with "Did it hurt? When u fell out of Heaven..." and ended with "Damn girl, you have more curves than a race track". Sounds corny - I agree - but I'm still so very fond of those good old days...

"It's Eur 1.50 ma'am. Your cappuccino - Eur 1.50 please". I pay the lady at the cafe and head back to work.

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