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I've been away from this space I've grown so fond of for too long, way longer than I would have liked/expected. Almost four weeks away from posting my thoughts and rants, sharing snaps of trends which I'd be either loving or which make me cringe, letting it all out. Yeah, blogging has become greatly significant to me, and I've missed it so much these past weeks. Yet, each time I start to feel guilty about this lengthy blogging break of mine, I try to remind myself that I had a good enough of a reason for my being absent from this space. And I'm hoping you'll back me up on this one... ;) 

Four weeks ago I put on my ivory dress and went and bagged me a husband :D Yep, Dorianne got married; was probably the most astonishing day of her life :) I was expecting me to be too nervous and overwhelmed to enjoy the BIG day to the full but NO! I was so serene and just thankful to be there with my family and friends, saying I DO to my loved one :) Sounds to you like one cheesy post, right?! I know, and apologies for returning to you with a cheesy one. It's just that I'm over the moon with joy, I really just can't help it!! 


A wedding day and a honeymoon later I'm back, hopefully better, sturdier and a tad more interesting than before! I badly needed a break from all the preparations and the chaos which had been surrounding me these past months; I'm not exaggerating when confessing that I feel 10 years lighter than some two months ago :) Looking back, the preparations for THE day did clash with some very important commitments and events which I either had to miss or attend in a hurry, but I still have no regrets - PRIORITIES right?! ;)

20140629 182938HEY, eventually I will be sharing with you a couple of snapshots of the big day (if you like, that is) and plenty of pictures of the various goodies I brought back with me from the US :D There's also a small treat for you guys, but will speak to you about that one later on. As for the rest, just wanted to let you know I'm back :))

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