Make-up spree

Ok, so as some of you may know, I've been ranting on about make-up for the last couple of weeks. I've been watching these make-up tutorials online, and despite being one who usually hardly cares bout such products, I decided to have a go and try my luck with 'make-up' :D And the result of all this is that I'm now hooked on this stuff!


Most of the make-up products I owned to date where the ones I got as presents or a couple of products I would have seen on sale in shops and decided to buy, just out of curiosity. May sound strange to many of you I know, but usually, when I got/bought make-up products/samples I just store them in some bottom drawer to maybe test/use some day, when needed...


But now?! Now I find myself watching vlogs and you tube videos of make-up tutorials, I jot down notes (because I'm still hopeless with some items - primer, highlighter, jumbo pencil - who even knew that such products actually existed?!) and then I go to a make-up outlet in the vicinity, read out my list and buy the required stuff. 


And the photos in this blog show my latest purchase! A primer (I  by Essence; cheap but amazing product), a highlighter pen (Made to Stay by Catrice; I don't quite like this pen - too shimmery for my liking), a rosy blusher (by Deborah Milano in shade 6) and two gorgeous nail polishes (B181 and B371 - also by Deborah Milano).




Should you like to recommend any products which you deem a must-have, please do let me know! You'd be helping big time :)

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