During the week I work office hours and am then busy doing another zillion things which leaves me with a jam-packed Saturday morning full of errands. Of course, since this is my day off, I try to make myself feel glam but these days I'm also making it a point I feel comfy.

IMG 1152

Saturday mornings are dedicated to my cafetria-hopping and errands, and this morning was no different! ;) I opted for my Charles and Ron shirt-dress and my gorgeous roccamore booties in cobalt blue! I had fallen in love with them the minute I had seen them on the web and decided to give them a try, since I was after comfy boots which are still very stylish. And thank God I did, I'm so fond of my bright and bold Electric Ann!

The shoes' colour and energy make it the perfect boot for Autumn and Winter and can literally be worn with anything; whether a big skirt, a dress or tailored pants! I love to wear monochrome and greys in winter, and these booties manage to spice up the majority of my outfits!

IMG 1084

IMG 1150

Gorgeous, just sayin’!

The BIG plus? We're usually used to paying a high price when wearing anything perfect and pretty. The thing with these handmade beauties, however, is that they are so comfortable you wouldn't even realise you're wearing a heel! And I'm all for whatever is colourful, sexy and comfy meaning my Electric Ann and myself - we're a perfect match!