It's happening, looks like it's gonna be another Milan Fashion Week!

The other two times I've been to Milan Fashion Week were both during September and I have to confess I was gonna pass on going to Milan in February. You see, I really don't function well in the cold, I just don't! I try my best to just go for warm clothes and feel comfy and pretty in the gloomy, cold weather whilst it's pouring and wet but somehow I never manage! Instead, I just shiver and tremble and flex my fingers (to ensure there's still some blood running in them) and look dull in a grey and denim ensemble I somehow always reach for on a dull day. Hence my trying to avoid Milan Fashion Week during freezing February weather I guess...

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But this time I'd like to think it's gonna be different ;) I'm going to go there and experience the thrill and buzz which keep me alive for even weeks after the actual shows, despite the cold weather. I have two huge suitcases packed with some of my favourite items (which will hopefully also keep me warm?) and I just can't wait to run from one show to the next whilst changing my shoes and accessories in the taxi and frantically looking for the invite in my bag ... WOWWW, it's happening...!

Huge thanks goes to the team at Cortex Ltd. and milk_shake - Malta for always believing in me!