I still cannot believe it actually happened but last week I got to meet and work with brilliant, legendary designer Renato Balestra! 

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It meant this much for two reasons:

i) I had been exposed and have been following the creations of the Maestro for years so meeting him in person and working around his works of art was beyond a dream come true. The pieces from his latest collection brought to Malta are out of this world; the design, the fabrics, the inspiration behind the collection.

ii) the designer is not just a legend and great at what he does, but also happens to be the most charming, friendly, down-to-earth artist ever! He was sharing jokes and telling us all about his experiences for the whole three days we got to spend with him. He didn't just tell us about his experienes, he also LISTENED to ours, to what we had to say.

And I know, I can never forget that.

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Photos captured by Bernard Polidano.