You've seen this vintage-inspired piece already on my social media, but it definitely deserved a post on this little space here!

IMG 1883

I got this beauty from Fly the Fly Vintage in Sliema a couple of days ago. I went in there because I've been wanting a vintage-inspired piece for ages and I had heard that Fly the Fly Vintage is packed with unique, handpicked vintage items and accessories. In fact, their concept goes something like “Something old, something borrowed, and something new” .

I happened to have a tea-tasting event at ECLECTICIST Design Store and in my head tea-tasting goes perfectly well with all things vintage-inspired! So you know, I was left with no option but to go pick me a vintage piece! ;) And oh boy, wasn't it hard to leave the store with just one item! The outlet is a cocktail of all things quirky but elegant, tonnes of shades, patterns and looks!

A picture of the frock I opted for?

IMG 7008

As for the event I mentioned, scroll down to see me happily browsing through the tonnes of distinctive icons and pieces at ECLECTICIST; the biggest treat you can imagine for all those who just love to experiment with different styles, interesting materials and design pieces in their homes. 

IMG 7009

IMG 6995

IMG 7014

IMG 7015