Ever since Mangano's store launch in Sliema, I've been meaning to bring you a blog post to properly introduce you to a store whose contents (mostly the gorgeous dresses and chic bags) make me so happy each time I visit!  I've teamed up with the inspirational people at Mangano and one great team of friends to work together on a photoshoot captured at the stunning, Casa Ellul - a classic but stylish boutique hotel in the heart of Valletta.

As for the rest? Enjoy the first out of FOUR splendid Mangano outfits!

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Dorianne wearing MANGANO

TEAM: Make-up by Natasha Polidano using EVAGARDEN products

Hair by Dcolorpallet using milk_shake hair products/ Nails by Niumee

Photography by Bernard Polidano at one stunning location - CASA ELLUL