Back from a number of work-related travels; something which somehow always turns out to be very inspirational and motivating!

I have to admit that currently I'm going through quite a serene, happy phase in my life (could be that I'm getting old and I'm learning to live with myself and accept my flaws?). I'm almost scared of saying that out loud; afraid that if I say it out loud it will be ruined for me. Then again, I'm aware that what is happening is probably thanks to a number of conscious decisions from my part.

i) Be grateful, even for the very small things.

ii) Enough with the time-wasters and negative energy. Some know-it-alls are constantly (daily and everywhere) giving out deep, philosophical advice about life in general whilst assuring you they really care. Eventually, somewhere down the road you'll realise that all they care about is themselves. They are constantly giving you their version of how things should be, whilst sending negative energy your way (as if you're the abnormal, alien one!).

iii) Don't overanalyze. I still have a long way to go with this one; I analyse and ponder about stuff way too much. But as the saying goes, ''overyanalyzing and worrying unduly is like solving an algebraic equation just by chewing bubble gum''. Yep, it gets you nowhere. 

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Yourself?! Any 'lessons learnt' to share?