I'm sure I've already mentioned I bought this beautiful apartment with rooms and a ceiling. But did I happen to mention I'm flat broke?


I'm flat broke!! In fact lately I'm realising that everything is coming with a price tag. Has it always been this way? Did clothing shops use to have huge carboards illustrating item-prices next to each mannequin? Actually, did we use to pay for the acquired objects prior to leaving a retail outlet? I don't recall such moments. But then again, life was much easier back then and as the song goes "prices were reasonable, politicians were noble and children respected their elders".


Back to our chat - where was I? Yes - my being FLAT BROKE! As a consequence, the spontaneous way with which I used to shop is now just a memory seized by an unnatural, inquisitive attitude which prolongs the formerly-trouble-free trip to the supermarket by some extra three hours.  This is because I now find myself loitering by the 'special offer' cubicles with the Buy-one-get-three-free/Buy-three-get-one-free/whatever crap, checking for expiry dates (did food items use to come up with expiry dates before, really?!) and going through my bill once out of the cash point (hoping the cashier messed up my bill and that the 6 bottles of wine were given to me for free for being a loyal customer rather than amounting to that unsightly price that's almost making my eyes water, no kidding!)


But that's life I guess. Us responsible people work our ***** off to eventually have enough savings to buy a house and make it a home. Worrying about the bloody visa bill comes after.