Morning people!! It's Thursday, meaning weekend is so close, meaning Dorianne is one happy bunny looking forward to some home-related errands on Saturday. Hubby and I have been meaning to start working on making our home more of a haven for quite some time now, and now that we've looked into some designs and home decor, we're just going to go ahead and START with our mini-project :D 


Following feedback after yesterday's rant of mine, I'm even more determined to get the truth out. What I do means a great deal to me and whilst I don't mind people blowing their own trumpet, I'm never going to let hollow words intimidate me. Meaning that rather than shut me up, insincere and pointless philosophies fuel me further to get to the bottom of this. Yesterday I remarked about the shallowness of those who pay to appear more popular and cheat their way up, because I could never understand how someone can be truly happy of such an 'achievement'. But as soon as it turned into a superficial "I'm the best, are you jealous?" charade I immediately realised that such fools don't know any better and are happy to remain so. So whilst I'll be more than happy to privately name, shame (because I don't intend to let anyone fool my close colleagues or myself) and back this with the snapshots I managed to take throughout these days, I will have to accept that there's no cure for the stupid. 


That ironed out, I encourage all of you guys and gals out there to fight for what you believe in and for what you deem is true. Seek whatever makes you happy and protect what's yours. Don't let others put you down, especially if you know that they know they're in the wrong ;) Eventually everything will work out fine; the winners always take it all.

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