This morning, whilst driving to work, hubby and I pulled over to stop and admire a huge rainbow which was reviving the otherwise dull grey sky. Rainbows have always played a funny part in our relationship; in the early days when we started going out we used to 'send' rainbows to each other via texts and emails to make each other feel better if one of us happened to be feeling a bit down. That is why my spirits are lifted each time I see a rainbow, that is how today my spirits were lifted as I saw this morning's gleaming marvel :) 



Then as we continued on our trip to work, recurrences of a video which was recently circulating on the net came to mind. A video which I'm sure you've come across; one that makes you realize how both technology and social media are taking the best of us: our time, energy and effort in a way that we become oblivious to the much more meaningful things happening around us. I realised that rather than cuddling up at the sight of the rainbow, the way we used to, hubby and I simply snapped a couple of shots - ones which most probably we'll never get to look at again on our phones. So next time I see a rainbow, I plan to cuddle.