I'm slightly sick...again! This summer has, in fact, heard me complain about this a number of times and it's always the same story. Each time it starts with a headache and/or sore throat and I pretend I'm not feeling any discomfort. Then, once the pain/discomfort increases I resort to in-house/natural remedies: I make myself some honey, I drink lots of water and warm beverages, I try to sniff a mixture of salted water... Most of the time, none of this works out for me but I stubbornly try some more 'in-house tricks'. Eventually I have no choice but go and pay my doctor a visit. Meaning that my doctor will probably see me again some time next Monday or Tuesday... :/



Anyway, enough with the complaining (I seem to be doing that quite a lot lately, how you manage to tolerate me when I'm being a pain in the behind is beyond me!) So instead let me try keep positive and remind myself about the project I've been working on, the result of which I'm really looking forward to. It involves a brilliant, creative team of girls (and a guy), a good cause, vibrant colours, an attitude (a good one) and some great inspiration. Innovative and fun, I know, but I'll be telling you more about it in the upcoming weeks, I guess.

Polka Dot Surprise - Surprise Party Invitations-Front

In the meantime, stay safe. And healthy!