I bought a notebook another notebook. This one is totally different from the other 278 notebooks I've been collecting over the past years; it's an A6 chunky notebook and the design on the front cover has nothing to do with the ones I already have, really!


Ok, I'm a notebook junkie, I know. I can't walk into a stationery or gift shop without spending some 20 minutes looking at all the paper supplies on display and leaving the shop with at least one notebook or a handful of sticky notes! I'm a girl who loves her stationery, and despite trying hard to remind myself that I have tons of notebooks and journals (which I never use by the way, because I can never get myself to actually jot down notes on them and 'ruin' the beautiful pages!!), this addiction of mine wins over each time! Maybe, to stop me from buying, I should just open a stationery shop myself - yeah, I'm seriously considering that these days ;)


What about you, do you relate to this weakness of mine?