My bubbly colleague came into the office to show me her bright bluish nail varnish! She was saying how at first she wasn't sure of the colour, that maybe she should have opted for a pink or a coral but then was offered the blue-nail-varnish-alternative and was like "What the heck - let's try this out!". Told you - bubbly!! :)



But blue is not the only thing which suits my colleague Karen. There is her positivity which accompanies her all day long and her initiative. And her ambition to try out something new everyday. She excels in defending something dear to her heart, in writing novels and articles as well as painting. The latter I want to speak about in a tad more detail...


Karen has been painting since she was ten years old and studied art at school and at an Art & Design Centre.   As a young girl, she had a passion for ‘Manga’ (Japanese comics and print cartoons) and female faces, which led her to do portraits. She has participated in a number of exhibitions and has sold various paintings and drawings of hers.  Karen is very fond of experimenting with colours, and uses acrylics, oils, as well as oil pastels, pencil, charcoal and chalk.

For the locals, Karen's vibrant work will be next exhibited between the 13th and 30th June at Palazzo De La Salle in Valletta.  The exhibition is a collective one and the paintings that will be displayed (most of which have been inspired by beaches in the North of Sicily) are in acrylic and granite pebbles.