Ever since I had 'discovered' the word serendipity, I grew fascinated with how true the meaning of this word could be: a "happy accident" or "pleasant surprise", or better still " the accident of finding something/someone good or useful without looking for it".  


I remember myself giggling and happily thinking it must be some form of serendipity each time something pleasantly surprising happened to me. Then there was a period of time when, in my eyes, this word momentarily lost its meaning, after hearing a boyfriend I had 'wrongly' interpret how he had once explained to his ex that their first meeting ever was by 'serendipity' (subjective, I know, yet to this day I'm stubbornly sure that serendipity is everything but the dullness he was referring to!) A lot of time has passed since then and nowadays I feel lucky I'm a serendipity-believer again. These 'happy accidents' aren't that frequent, but when they occur.... :)  

Serendipity - being at the right place at the right time has its advantages ;)