Gran Gala della Moda 2016

St George's Square was yesterday gleaming; Gran Gala della Moda 2016 brought together the works of art created by Italian designers Gianni Molaro and Carlo Alberto Terranova together with local designer Luke Azzopardi in one big festa at the Piazza.

As our guests start to find their seats, thousands of things are happening backstage, simultaneously! I can't say I'm not used to chaotic situations so the dozens of people doing so many different things doesn't alarm me. Watching hairdressers and make-up artists working together on the models to get that perfect look gives me a buzzing feeling, as is catching a glimpse of designers going over their pieces with the regia and organisers, over and over again.

IMG 6493

Once out in the piazza again, I'm happy to see that St George's Square is packed and ready for one hell of a night. The presenters hosting the show are RAI presenter Lisa Marzoli and Maltese presenter Jean Claude Micallef and after a couple of speeches, we get to lust over the new art couture collection by Gianni Molaro.

Whilst the ethno chic inspired gowns are being appreciated by our guests, the waters of the fountain dance to Molaro's background music and The Grand Master's Palace is the perfect backdrop for it all.


- Gianni Molaro -

Luke Azzopardi was next and I was excstatic to get to witness a reinterpretation of his 2017 couture 'The Opium Additct' Collection which was recently launched. My favourite gown was the one paraded by model Amy Zahra; a pseudo-Victorian pure silk velvet gown in dark green.


- Luke Azzopardi -

The final collection saw Carlo Alberto Terranova presenting a number of seventies-era-inspired gowns. A mix of black and white dresses in different fabrics and patterns, dressed up by chunky earrings and the most beautiful of furs and shawls, jazzed the red carpet followed by a brief interview with the designer himself.


- Carlo Alberto Terranova -

I will be getting back to you with another post about this memorable night. In the meantime, do check out my facebook page for a number of related exclusive photos and posts!

Photos captured by Bernard Polidano.

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