MFWA2014 - New Designers Fashion Show

Yesterday night saw me hurrying (read running) to Casino Maltese in Valletta to enjoy the New Designers Fashion Show; the second show of the Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week. The show was scheduled at 21.00 but at 20.20 I was already admiring Casino Maltese from the inside (venue  is simply outstanding!) and wondering what the New Designers show that everyone had been raving about for weeks was going to be like. Almost 45 minutes after that I couldn't wish for a better time as I happily snapped away pictures of the collections of the 12 very talented designers who kept us glued to our seats and impressed by the creations that flowed past me on the red carpet.


The collections:

EDITH by Nathalie Bronfman: a minimalist yet feminine collection graced with lace trimmings and touches of fuchsia (which I happen to <3)

 IMG 5125

GREMAR by Marie Grech: a glamourous collection characterised by black gowns, lace pieces and statement necklaces. My favourite piece? The black lace dress teamed with the chunky pearl necklace! 

IMG 51451 

Marta Vidal: Full of printed fabrics and neutral tones, this wild and genius collection was the third collection for the night. My personal favourite: the first outfit of the collection - a cyan and off white patterned dress with a chuncky belt and the most original of bags in mustard!

 IMG 5152

Parascandalo Marco: the only collection for men for the night, but WHAT A COLLECTION! The tones for the collection: black, white and grey; the garments that characterised the collection:  leather shorts, silver purses and a FAQA' SEW printed tee.

 IMG 5167

FRANSINA: a 60's inspired bag collection in earthy colours, with forest green as the prime shade of the collection. And the details: wooden handles, large clasps, huge bows - I love, love, love! Go Fransina!!!

 IMG 5187

CHURPINA by Charlene Joan Sant: This has to be my favourite collection of all the 12 on the night. A vintage-inspired yet lively collection in the most gorgeous pastels. My favourite outfit: an embroidered crop top paired with a coral-mint-grey checked knee-length skirt - fun and chic if you ask me!

 IMG 5195

MOSCA by Aga Rusajczyk: If CHURPINA was termed as my favourite collection for the night, MOSCA follows closely after that. Them nicest of black and brown prints on tops, skirts and clutch bags. 

IMG 5207

LUKKA: Lots of plums, purples and reds. Subtle, classy, with elegant prints' is what I'd probably go for if I were  asked to describe this collection.  Beautiful collection - proset LUKKA!

 IMG 5226

TAIA by Alicia Schembri-Roslichenko & Mandy Farrugia: Fun designs in vibrant colours. My favourite piece: a cherry red skirt with brown leather and floral detail. Uhhhh, and the floral boots please!

 IMG 5235

CELESTE by Martina Spiteri: Grey, violet and black are the main colours for this elegant collection. The collection concludes with a bang with the most elegant of dresses; a flowing beauty in white and a purple sash. 


POSCHET! by Ana Nogueira: Tank tops and bags with a huge dose of summer fun were taken care of by POSCHET! on the night. My favourite piece: the huge madonna print on one of the bags.

 IMG 5268

Rosemarie Abela: "This collection is inspired by Samurais and Twiggy" was the introduction to this collection. Samurais and twiggy?! - come again!!  But I loved it - all of it.

 IMG 5275

What a night to remember! My boyfriend is the only witness of a bubbly Dorianne who spent the night going on about the top-notch designers that showcased their collection and the well-organised show. 


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