How To Dress For A Wedding – for men

Wedding celebrations and receptions – I love them! The exhilarating smile on the bride’s face (groom would be still in shock following his stupid ‘I do’ at the wedding ceremony), the yummy finger-food, dancing (not the jive single again!), laughing at the funny guests and the champagne!! Yeps, wedding celebrations tend to put me in a luminous mood, until I take a second glance at what some of the male guests turn up wearing at the reception! :/ Now that’s what I call ‘overwhelming’. 

wedding guest - male

I am somehow convinced that most males believe that showing up with the wedding gift and an appetite (so as to eat as much as possible or get drunk on an empty stomach) is enough to get them through the night (hitting on the bride’s sister would mark the event as the day of the week, month or year!). But what about guys’ attire at weddings?


As a general rule, if you're a guest at the wedding reception, you'll be good to go in a suit. The colour and style of the suit would depend on the wedding setting which the bride and groom would have opted for (whether morning or evening wedding, season in which the wedding is taking place, wedding venue etc.). I find that a guy can never go wrong when opting for a cotton suit in a classic colour (black, grey, navy blue) for night/winter weddings or an earthy colour for day/summer weddings.

But what’s with the short-sleeved shirt under the jacket/blazer? I know that Summer weddings are probably a nightmare for you guys, but come on, that short-sleeve thing just doesn’t look right with a suit! Nor does a tie the length of a sneeze! And please, no sneakers, jeans, or v-neck t-shirts on the occasion.


That said, do enjoy it at your next wedding party! ;)  

  wedding guests - male


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