Get your toes sandal-ready: 5 steps to fab feet!

Here's how you do it:


1.  File toe nails

File nails straight across - Remember, toe nails should never be filed in a round shape like fingernails, as rounded nails can grow into the foot.


2. Buff and gloss

Buff the nail bed to get rid of discolouration caused by stains or left over nail polish.  Then use a separate glossing buffer to create a shiny effect; it's the natural equivalent of top coat.





3. File hard skin

Hard skin should not be filed whilst your feet are in water, because whilst wet it's more difficult to spot which areas need filing. To reduce hard skin always file on dry skin; file hard areas in soft strokes towards the underneath of your foot.


4. Exfoliate

Soak feet in warm water ready to exfoliate away dead skin. Exfoliating products help revive tired-looking feet whilst leaving cuticles clean.

5. Polish

Polish! :p



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