Dear Santa, get me PUPA Milano this Christmas

Last Friday my boyfriend uploaded this photo which earned me a couple of compliments and facebook likes (now quit it with that eye roll; even if you'll never get to admit it, you know you're always secretly pleased whenever your friends like some photo of yours :p ) Two friends of mine also asked for the shade of lippie I was wearing. The answer to that one? PUPA Princess Shiny Lip Fluid in Nude Pink.

doris pupa12

I've been familiar with PUPA Milano ever since I had received PUPA's Yo-Yo make up kit for my birthday some 14 years ago, but it was only last week that I re-discovered PUPA's most recent range of make up products and the PUPA princess limited edition 'Christmas Collection 2013'.  The latter includes my new PUPA Princess with a refined lacquer-effect liquid lip colour which I can't help but apply over and over again. Its great feel on my lips, long-lasting effect and heavenly candy smell has had me decide to get this lippie in another shade so I still have to decide between the other three colours; Nude, Nude Rose and Nude Brown.

  pupa lips1

PUPA's Christmas Collection 2013 also includes 2 sparkling cream eyeshadows, 2 diamond eyeliners, a VAMP mascara, an illuminating face power in Princess Pink, 4 new shades of glossy nail polish available in Nude, Nude Rose, Nude Brown and Nude Pink and the amazing Princess Pupart Eye Palette. Ohhh, there's also the PUPA Princess Fluffy Velvet; a nail art kit for nails with a velvety effect!! If this sounds like too much information for you or if you feel like sneaking a look at this collection, you're welcome :D


 PUPA Limited Edition - Christmas Collection 2013


For more information about PUPA Milano in Malta, click on this banner

In addition to the Christmas Collection 2013, I can't but mention the PUPA Dolls (available in a number of sizes) which in my opinion make up the perfect Christmas present ("Boyfriend: hint hint" :D). The prices start from as little as Eur23.80 per doll. 


And to be sure we're spoilt for choice this Christmas, PUPA has also come up with a variety of other kits including Pink 50's (a cylindrical box in the babiest of pinks containing bath and body products in fragrances Lollipop and Cotton Candy, which smell good enough to eat and which start at the ridiculous price of Eur12.50 per box!) and the Have a Nice Tea Scented Water Kit complete with a scented water for hair and body as well as a shower milk.


One last thing: Should you require any further details and/or prices of the items mentioned above, you know you can always contact me here ;)

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