Two of my girlfriends and myself are always trying to make more room in our wardrobes - for more new items naturally. We're always trying to find out new 'methods' of how to make out items smaller - as if folding items into three sections (rather than two) is gonna miracoulously empty a shelve each time.


Two conversations and an aperitif into our conversation, and we've finally decided we'll give up some of our items - not because we want to part ways with our beloved belongings, but rather because we don't afford a fourth wardrobe! So, every couple of weeks we'll be posting some of our items on this blog (clothing for sale on blogs is the new thing apparently), and should you be interested in any of these (at a v.reduced price obv since they've been worn  a couple of times already (mind you, some of the items still carry the original tag but anyway)) just let us know. You'll find that sizes are somwhere in the range of a size 6/8 and size 12 (our sizes), then there are the other one-size accessories obv... Contact me privately through 'Contact Her' toolbar on this blog or via email adress or my facebook account! ;)


Our first items follow:

transparent top


Asos CREAM top in both sizeS 6 and 8 - still with tag/never worn (the mink top I've kept for myself :P) at Eur18


Carpisa Tote Bag at Eur8





ASOS Dress in sizes Small and Large at Eur 8



Patterned, backless ARTIGLI dress in size 8/10 at Eur18



AMICI Blazer available in size S/M at Eur8


ZARA double-breast tweed coat in size 10 at Eur 20



Double-breasted tweed jacked at Eur15





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