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Just like everyday fashion, wedding dresses have a long history of change. Today it isn’t typically viewed as privileged and vainglorious for a bride to purchase an expensive dress she’ll only get to wear once, but things were different in the past.



I remember myself marveling at Granny’s wedding picture standing on the bedroom’s mantelpiece. And wondering why her wedding gown was black! Apparently, as nanna later explained, back then the traditional colour for a wedding gown was often black, not white, as only the wealthy could afford a white gown that they would probably never wear again. It is also interesting to know that earlier on in the 1800s, brides also wore wedding gowns in everyday colours such as blue, pink and purple.



The idea of white wedding gowns spread during the twentieth century. Nowadays white (also associated with purity) and ivory are the most popular colours for wedding dresses, particularly in the Western culture. Indian and Asian brides typically wear red and gold wedding dresses, which represent good fortune and prosperity.

Granny wore black for her wedding. My wedding (if ever) will probably see me wearing some bright silver spacesuit – we will be probably moon/mars-residents by then! What about yourself?



white wedding dress



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