What I got me at 'Girls Only event at Jane Norman and Oasis'

Last Thursday saw me grumpy at my desk hissing at the bad weather - clouds, wind and rain are possibly the sole cocktail I'm not fond of. The only consolation was the evening's "Girls Only event" at Jane Norman and Oasis in Valletta which I had been looking forward to for a whole week.

 just us girls

Once in the outlet I love so much (am an Oasis girl at heart but that would definitely require another post, or two!) I started going through the numerous distinctive dresses on display (six years ago when I first discovered Oasis I had concluded that Oasis is the place to go to whenever it's a question of a glam dress that stands out and screams 'UNIQUE', and to date I still haven't changed my position on that one). What particularly caught my eye, however, were a number of tweed mini skirts which I love but which in my opinion are not that easy to find  in our local stores. The outcome? Going to the changing rooms with a handful of mini skirts and struggling to decide on only two skirts.  On the night, I ended buying only one skirt, but a full day of hallucinations after saw me returning to the store and purchasing the other skirt - I was too scared at the possibility of someone else trying on 'my' beloved skirt that I just had to go and buy it.


The skirts I will show you in another post once I get them styled in some nice, particular outfit. In the meantime, do enjoy the below items I loved on the night. 

oasis check mini skirtMarley Check Mini Skirt - Oasis


One shoulder cutout dress - Jane norman

One shoulder cutout dress - Jane Norman 

PU pencil skirt

PU Pencil Skirt - Jane Norman 

oasis dress

 Oriental Jacquard Dress - Oasis


Dor xoxo


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