'Reflection of a woman' calendar in aid of Dar Merhba Bik.

First things first - if you haven't heard about this calendar in aid of Dar Merhba Bik you really must check out this page here.

As you might already know from past posts, I've recently been involved in a great project and what makes the project mostly great is probably the fact that it's all for a good cause. 'Reflection of a woman' is a 14-month calendar portraying 14 different jobs that an everyday woman does. Why a calendar? Why a 14-month one? You'll soon get to know ;) 


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I've already spoken to you about Stace, the girl behind My Melts. When she first contacted me about this project, my inquisitive bit wanted to know all the details and about how this idea came around. Stace explained how she had thought about a calendar thing for ages and but never really came round to actually doing it. Then, when she introduced My Melts to the market and did a photo shoot of the shop, the photographer himself suggested the calendar idea... 

Initially, the calendar had to be about My Melts; a page for each melt but one day an acquaintance walked into My Melts shop and mentioned she volunteered for Dar Merhba Bik. That's where the "Make me an appointment with them, I'll go..." bit came about. Once at Dar Merhba Bik with her good friend Bernice, dressed up for her meeting and looking in the ladies eyes Stace explains how she felt like crap. That's when the melts calendar got forgotten, that's when the idea for a calendar as a tribute to women came around. This was it!

Dar Merhba Bik, a shelter for those women who fall victims of domestic violence and their children run by the Good Shepherd Sisters, has been running since 16 June 1980.  The aim is to help empower women and meet the women's basic day to day needs and their children's. Although Dar Merhba Bik is an NGO, it relies a lot on volunteers and private donations.

The 14-month calendar in aid of Dar Merhba Bik portrays 14 different tasks that an everyday woman does, in pin-up style to remind the many traits of a woman; strong, independent, assertive... Why 14 months?!! Because 14 months gives you time to buy you another calendar and because some people were scared of the number 13 anyway :P

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The calendars will be available to the public by end of November against a Eur5 donation. This calendar has already found a lot of support from the people who worked on this project and the sponsors, let's hope we all do our bit for this good cause ;)

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Contact Number: 77011799




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