Last Friday's Sweet Treats Party ...

..was THE party! The afternoon shopping event in Valletta, by Jane Norman and Oasis, celebrated the arrival of both brands' colourful and bright spring season.  People in the shop nibbled onto delicious sweets whilst enjoying Jane Norman and Oasis spring/summer gorgeous collection. 

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Trends for Oasis feature florals and fancy prints, bright colours as well as pastels, stripes and hearts (I fell in love with a navy blue and cream scarf and a necklace with pretty blue and red hearts, which I ended buying. of course). I've also set my eyes on an orangy coral satchel, which I didn't get simply because I've bought a cross-over bag in the same colour just last week. 

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Prints featuring in this Spring/Summer collection for Jane Norman are more tribal and asymmetric. Again, the collection is filled with pastels and some bright yellows. My favourite pieces? An asymmetric crop top and midi skirt in the brightest of colours - beautiful! 

20140328 185211 600x338

To continue make this an eventful afternoon, PUPA Milano in Malta also joined the party with their VAMP! and the Navy Chic Spring Collections! The lovely yellows and blues together with the corally tones put all those testing the products in the best of party moods!

20140328 165450 640x360

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20140328 165524 600x338

Caroline Paris from Caroline's Fashion Styling was also there giving fashion advice, whereas I was helping with the make-up styling and swatching away some lovely shades, including eye shadows in salmon, grey and silver shades which turned out to be a hit and probably the customers' favourite tones for the afternoon.


Customers were treated to 20% off of the Jane Norman and Oasis spring/summer collection and walked away with their purchases and a nice goody bag. Yep, last Friday's Sweet Treats Party was the party.


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