Chic Coccinelle. In Malta!!!

I've always been a great believer of the philosphy 'chocolate and elegant bags can cure anything', so after a sad, hard week I was secretly thrilled to pay a visit to Coccinelle Boutique on the eve that marked the outlet's opening. 

cocc bags

Despite my punctual arrival, the shop was already packed up with people admiring Coccinella's Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Collection and so I made my way through the many ''uhhhhh's" and "ahhhhh's" to witness them babies myself. Of course, they were right; the Italian brand's collection for the upcoming Autumn/Winter is one made up of the perfect colours, detail and feel. 

The range of products? From bags of all styles, sizes and texture, to purses, belts and leather key chains and bracelets. The outlet also stocks a chic collection of scarves, hats and gloves (the hats and gloves look like something from a 'Sex and the City' episode to me - gorgeous, I'm telling you!)

cocc hats

 cocc belts

 cocc bracelets

cocc chains

cocc scarves

cocc jewellery

My favourite item? This gorgeous black leather bag with blue detail. Not only is it elegant, but I can see me carrying this everywhere!! Yep, am in love with this - I've also been hinting so (read 'ordering') to my boyfriend, so let's hope Christmas will see me stroll happily arm in arm with this Coccinelle beauty ;)


P.S. Should you like more information about Coccinelle Outlet, found at 11, Tower Road, Sliema visit the store's facebook page here.

cocc biro

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