I make my way up to where the launch of Bling Bling Accessories ought to take place and wonder what to expect. I hear that a new shop with a range of jewellery and some Italian leather bags will be soon opening in Swatar, and I'm curious to find out more about this.  



Once up in the huge hall where the event is taking place, I make my way past the many guests who have made it to the launch before me and try to spot the person who invited me to the launch of Bling Bling outlet - Marise Muscat - to introduce myself and thank her for having me but an array of handcrafted jewellery gets the best of me and has me walk directly towards the jewellery on display. And I'm speechless. Every piece of jewellery has a story to tell and is designed to be enjoyed and taken care of. The colours and exclusivity of the pieces make you want to gasp and permanently station yourself just opposite the display of jewellery, but I keep my cool, make a mental note to go eye my 2 favourite pieces later on in the eve and return to my Spot-the-hostess-of-the-event mission. And, boy, isn't it a pleasure to do so!! Marise is not only one of the most elegant entrepreuners i've come across to date, she is also very knowledgeable, fun to talk to and passionate about what she does.



An interesting chat and glass of wine later, I make my way to a stand displaying some of the most gorgeous bags ever (small red leather bag is definetely my favourite, as you can see from that radiant smile of mine :P). 



Finally, I join a number of guests who were appreciating and enthusiastically acquiring some very interesting items of jewellery, amongst which is the brand Fiorelli. 





bling13- got to catch up with my friend Mariel from Confessions of a former size 6 -

Following this great launch and discovery (thank you Marise and Simon Muscat), I suggest you follow Bling Bling accessories facebook page here so as to stay updated with the latest items in stock and enhance your wish list for this Christmas. At least, that's how it works in my case :) 


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