You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

For those who think that I somehow have it figured out just because I speak a lot about organisation skills, plans and to-do-lists, ambition and clarity...well, I'd so wish to have it all figured out but it's a self-discovery journey really, especially as we speak.

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Yesterday I was invited on a morning tv show and amongst the zillion things discussed we mentioned one's physical and mental well-being. During our casual conversation I realised how I don't mind not having it all figured out yet, and how 'inventing' a life with healthy relationships is an ongoing practice, which gets more straightforward and comfortable with time and practice.

I've always been a very curious person, willing to learn from others and share what I know. Now that I've just turned 36, I realise that some of the lessons learnt include: 

- It's ok not to be ok, it happens to everyone every once in a while. Just take time to take a step back, speak to someone, find yourself and then try again until you feel slightly better. Because you WILL feel slightly better. If the person you're talking to isn't helping you, well then you need to open up to someone else but never be afraid to ask for help. 


- Some friends needed losing so don't stay overthinking and pondering about what was bound to happen anyway. Sometimes it's ok to distance yourself from people or relationships. Never put yourself in a situation where you are not sure of where you stand in a person's life. Find yourself first, and be happy with who you are. You are so precious. "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."


- One day you will look back and realise that perhaps there were instances when the smallest things took up the most room in your heart. Try to control the over-thinking (easier said than done at times, I know, but practice!) and learn how to forgive yourself. LIVE, BREATHE, LOOK FORWARD!


Yes, I don't have it figured out yet and maybe (probably) I never will. "Life is like riding a bicycle; to keep your balance, you must keep moving." Slow BUT Steady, you will manage!


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