Not just the cutest of tins. It's PLANTER's Natural & Young Aloe Vera Repairing Cream

I've always been a sucker for nice packaging, so the minute I saw this colourful tin I was already convinced I was going to like this product! But I reminded myself that I wanted to share a review with you guys, so I decided I could praise the packaging with you as much as I wanted to AS LONG AS I give you my honest opinion about the actual product.
 planters 1
For those of you still new to PLANTER's, the latter is an Italian brand which specializes in natural skin care products for those of us eco-conscious who seek to take care of their skin the green way. This PLANTER's 'Natural & Young' cream is not only natural (and not tested on animals!) but also suits all skin types (especially those with sensitive skin prone to redness and cracking) and all ages. It can be used on the face, hands and body as a moisturizer. The natural oils used in this product, in particular the true concentration of aloe vera, ensure that the skin is kept moist and nourished. This way, the product protects against dryness caused by the sun, cold weather, wind and/or pollution. In addition, the product contains no alcohol, paraben or silicone.
The cream feels nice when applied and sinks in nicely into the skin. My skin was left feeling moist and nourished, and the smell is divine - smells of toffee and makes you want to stuff your face in the tin and eat the lot :D
 planters 2
And now for the packaging of the tin, which as I've already mentioned is so stylish and perfect to be kept in one's daily bag!! There's a whole range of different designs, with the tins themselves being collectibles (9 fun, different, colourful patterns to choose from) and which you can see here. Each tin holds 75ml of product.
doris planters
See - I carry it with me everywhere ;)


PLANTER's Natural & Young Aloe Vera Repairing Cream can be found at pharmacies and outlets across Malta and Gozo. If you'd like more information on this amazing product, which I highly recommend, drop me a line here or visit PLANTER's local facebook page here

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