Vintage home décor

Recently I’ve discovered that I’m getting inspired by vintage home décor and its sense of warmth and elegance. If there is one type of style which is always in fashion and never out of place, it is the vintage style.

old wooden blocks

 Given that my nest is already quite decorated (‘quite decorated’ being an understatement and meant to imply ‘’filled to the brim’’ to resemble something like the Louvre Museum), I now have no option but to add vintage touches to complement my home decor rather than incorporate vintage décor throughout. In my case, I find that these touches go best with the shabby chic atmosphere I tried to create in the different rooms.


Some people confuse vintage style with the shabby chic home decor. In both cases, the furniture looks similar; old with scratches and faded in colour as a result of much use. What distinguish shabby chic from vintage are the accessories that complement vintage style (but look out of place with shabby chic home décor).


There are lots of vintage accessories which one can incorporate at home. These do not have to be collectables to be great finds (flea markets can be heavenly at this). Vintage pieces may include mirrors, clocks, candle holders, photo frames, flower vases, rugs, chairs kitchen bowls and vintage wall signs and wall hangers. Designs of fabrics used in the 30s and 40s complete the vintage look beautifully.


Vintage pieces and accessories have a certain charm that can manage to take you back in time even when combined with new items. If this is new to you, might as well give it a try; you will be impressed by what an inviting and comforting style such as the vintage one can give you! If vintage style sounds familiar or is a family member at your home, fill me in or send a couple of snapshots ;)

 to-do centrepiece


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