Let me rate 3 Environ products for you :)

Some two months ago I was given some products at Environ's Launch (which you can read about here), and since I've been trying them for over a month now, I decided to go ahead and review the following Environ products, given that I'm loving them this much :)  There are another two Environ products I've been meaning to try out as well, but since I haven't tried them out properly yet, I'm leaving them out of this post for now.


The products that I've been loving and have grown fond of during December:


Environ's eye gel

This eye gel contains vitamin A, C and E which makes it great for the delicate eye area (unlike other eye gels, Environ eye gel is not too harsh for the sensitive eye area).  I've been told that results start showing after some 3 months, but after 6 weeks I can already say that this gel does reduce puffiness too to a certain extent. My rating for this product? Some 4.5 out of 5 :D 



Environ's Cleansing Lotion and Moisturising Toner

Both Environ's lotion and toner contain Vitamin A and C and are designed to refine the texture of the skin as well as even out the skin tone. The lotion is very creamy and doesn't cause any irritation or breakouts on my skin. May I give you my rating for this product? A nice 4.8 out of 5 - a WINNER!


The toner is one of the freshest I've ever tried and doesn't dry out my skin. Once I have cleaned my whole face, I can feel how fresh and empty my pores are, making it ready for some moisturiser. I'd say I'd give it some 4.2 out of 5. 


Yourself? Have you ever tried some products for Environ's range?  Or these same products maybe? If yes, what did you think about them?


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